Inhale – Exhale

Exhale – a release of breath, a necessary part of breathing. But there is another kind of exhalation – the release that comes with letting an emotion (sorrow, anger, even laughter) out.

I see a strong juxtaposition between Daniel and King in the story when it comes to exhalation.

Daniel is a rock, steady, able, faith-filled, and faithful. He takes breath in and exhales it, using it to his advantage and keeping it controlled.

King on the other hand is a firecracker, an explosion waiting to happen, a mass of energy tightly coiled like a spring ready to explode at any moment. he is so tense, and full of anxiety he doesn’t ever take deep breaths nor experience the satisfaction of a long exhale. The way he exhales is by exploding.

Rather than bringing peace and restoring his body for another breath and more life – his exhalation brings violence and destruction, sometimes even hurting himself in the process.

It makes me think of the connection between what we take in and what comes out of us; air, food, words, thoughts… If you take in life, truth, oxygen, good food, kind words you feed your body and you remain strong and healthy. If you take in lies, death, negative words, bad food, smoke, and destruction you are hindering your body’s ability to restore itself and you are killing yourself.

What are you exhaling?


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About King - the series

Based on the true story of one King. The most powerful man on earth, who lost his mind and lived like a wild animal.

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  1. So fun to link up to your blog via the #fmfparty! I love the reminder about what we inhale determines what we exhale. This is a truth I have been meditating on as it relates to all forms of media. I am finding during a summer social media fast that my capacity to exhale (aka. give to others) is expanded when I am able to inhale more space/air time without all the noise. Love your perspective here! Thanks for joining the party!


  2. I agree – one of my favorite things about #fmfparty is connecting with others I never would find otherwise! I read your exhale post and your empty stroller one – love both – and was really touched by empty stroller – beautiful! I kept trying to comment there but it wouldn’t let me so hopefully you’ll see it here! 🙂 Glad you are experiencing the same connection between what we inhale and exhale – reminds me of Matt 23:26 “First clean the inside of the cup and the plate, that the outside also may be clean.”


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