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One of my favorite things about reading is that I get to use my imagination to see the characters, places, and events that happen in a story. One of the main things to help me decide if I am interested in reading a story is if I can visualize some part of it. Perhaps it is set in a place I’ve always loved, or I am curious to visit? Perhaps the main character has curly hair, like me, so I already feel a connection,… you get the idea.

As a writer, using pinterest helps me to compile pics of different people, places, things, and animals which I then combine to create the characters, scenes, and props in the story. Plus, before I started using Scrivener, it was a very fast way to go back and double-check if the horse is supposed to white, roan, or dapple 75 pages later! Now that I am using Scrivener, I simply pull the best from pinterest into my chapters.

So without further ado – welcome to the pinterest page for King.

I have boards like;

  • Music to inspire – featuring music from that time played with traditional instruments, nice to listen to while writing or reading
  • Characters – a collection of pics used to create each character
  • Connection to Now – there are many connections between ancient Babylon and now (Bagdad, ISIS, current events etc,..)
  • Neighborhood Finds – Scenes from around the palace, Ishtar Gate, Hanging Gardens etc,..
  • My Style – snippets of accessories and fashion for different characters
  • Favorite Places and Spaces – pics combined to create fictional locations in the book
  • Everyday Things – collection of artifacts that would have been used during the story
  • Books to read – other great books that inspire my writing

Explore, enjoy and happy pinning 😉

How do you use pinterest?


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Inhale – Exhale

Exhale – a release of breath, a necessary part of breathing. But there is another kind of exhalation – the release that comes with letting an emotion (sorrow, anger, even laughter) out.

I see a strong juxtaposition between Daniel and King in the story when it comes to exhalation.

Daniel is a rock, steady, able, faith-filled, and faithful. He takes breath in and exhales it, using it to his advantage and keeping it controlled.

King on the other hand is a firecracker, an explosion waiting to happen, a mass of energy tightly coiled like a spring ready to explode at any moment. he is so tense, and full of anxiety he doesn’t ever take deep breaths nor experience the satisfaction of a long exhale. The way he exhales is by exploding.

Rather than bringing peace and restoring his body for another breath and more life – his exhalation brings violence and destruction, sometimes even hurting himself in the process.

It makes me think of the connection between what we take in and what comes out of us; air, food, words, thoughts… If you take in life, truth, oxygen, good food, kind words you feed your body and you remain strong and healthy. If you take in lies, death, negative words, bad food, smoke, and destruction you are hindering your body’s ability to restore itself and you are killing yourself.

What are you exhaling?


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It just keeps getting better,…

1st – There was the moment the idea to write the book came to me – wow 🙂

2nd – I began doing research and was amazed at how much information there is. I found myself getting lost in the history and culture of Babylon circa 550ish BC. Plus it was a great ‘excuse’ to go to NY to explore The Metropolitan Museum of Art and see everything in living color with my little sister 🙂

3rd – Then I began writing. There is nothing else like it – hours would go by in a blink. I’ve never had my own personal movie play in my head before like this. That’s how the writing has been, I ‘see’ it in my head and just write when I see and hear. LOVE

4th – Editing begins and I realize it’s like making a house a home. That unique experience of balancing form, function, and style – of creating an entire world within a world. I adore editing!

5th – Then there was pinterest! Just imagine how awesome it is when creating a book? Now everyone else can get a sneak peek into what I’m ‘seeing’ in my head!  For example this is part of what Chaka, Daniel’s horse, looks like. Oh how I love pinterest for the book – follow it HERE!

Who wudda thought a schedule would be good?

God put me on a schedule a few weeks ago, a real bona-fide schedule, like I haven’t had since college?  8 – 11 weekdays, I write.  And he is blessing it big time!

Never knew how much a schedule could help?  I had already been doing the three hours, but now that I have the actual hours specified they actually happen, (for the most part ;)) whereas before they would often get lost in the million other demands placed on each of us every day.  And I’d always intend to get back to it, but inevitably many days, it wouldn’t happen.  Now the phone is on silent, notifications are turned off, and I write.  I may stare off at clouds and have to reel my thoughts in a dozen times, but so far it’s still pouring out, and I love it!

I love it so much that come Monday morning I am missing Daniel and King, among other characters, yet to be introduced 🙂  I couldn’t wait to write this morning, it changes everything when you get so deep into the story that you miss your beloved characters after a couple days off.

Who wudda thought a schedule would be so fruitful?

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