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Inhale – Exhale

Exhale – a release of breath, a necessary part of breathing. But there is another kind of exhalation – the release that comes with letting an emotion (sorrow, anger, even laughter) out.

I see a strong juxtaposition between Daniel and King in the story when it comes to exhalation.

Daniel is a rock, steady, able, faith-filled, and faithful. He takes breath in and exhales it, using it to his advantage and keeping it controlled.

King on the other hand is a firecracker, an explosion waiting to happen, a mass of energy tightly coiled like a spring ready to explode at any moment. he is so tense, and full of anxiety he doesn’t ever take deep breaths nor experience the satisfaction of a long exhale. The way he exhales is by exploding.

Rather than bringing peace and restoring his body for another breath and more life – his exhalation brings violence and destruction, sometimes even hurting himself in the process.

It makes me think of the connection between what we take in and what comes out of us; air, food, words, thoughts… If you take in life, truth, oxygen, good food, kind words you feed your body and you remain strong and healthy. If you take in lies, death, negative words, bad food, smoke, and destruction you are hindering your body’s ability to restore itself and you are killing yourself.

What are you exhaling?


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Lost – #FMFParty

What does being lost even mean? Not found? Not aware where it is? Is it only about location?

There are several things lost in this story; the biggest is in the first sentence of the elevator pitch – King Nebuchadnezzar’s mind is lost.

lost_in_my_mind_258275But is it really lost if it is found later?

Apparently time has something to do with the definition of being lost because while something can genuinely be lost – it doesn’t have to stay that way, and can genuinely be found again, thus making it found 🙂

How can someone lose their mind and then find it again? What is that like? Do they have help? Are they even aware their mind is lost?

What do you think? Did King know his mind was lost? Would you know if yours was?

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Five Minute Friday is a fantastic flash mob of words. Five minutes on one prompt. No overthinking or editing.  Check out Lisa-Jo Baker and link up with Five Minute Friday to join us and learn more.


Five Min Party – take 1

vs85_15[NOTE: I’m incorporating a new writing challenge called Five Min Friday. Each week a topic is given to inspire a 5 min blog post. This week the topic is ‘messenger’. I’m adding the challenge of using each of the inspiration words for the book only. I think it will be a cool way for me to think about the book in different ways and for readers to learn more about the characters and story.]

As I thought about how the word “messenger” relates to the book, (click here to learn about the book), I realized that the sign that the actual story itself comes from is a messenger! King Nebuchadnezzar himself wrote his story which was duplicated  and posted all over Babylon and the surrounding territories. That sign then became Daniel chapter 4, which in turn became this story, (along with several other sources confirming its validity). King’s letter even begins, “to all the people, nations, and languages of the world…” There were no phones, billboards, TV or radio, and definitely no Facebook, e-mail, or Internet in 560 B.C. so his written words being duplicated and posted all over the kingdom was the means of communicating his message to everyone.

The most amazing part is that his message is still relevant today!

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What a sweet guy,…?

You do research to learn who people were, which is good, you need some foundation to make sure it’s historically accurate, but it can only take you so far.  Take King Nebuchadnezzar, for example, who has been described as a cold-hearted, brutally cruel man who was full of himself.  An exceptional builder and strategist both militarily (is that a word?) and in engineering, creating an empire to rival all others at the time.  His kingdom, Babylon, is widely recognized as the most powerful city and empire in the entire world.  Pretty intense dude, right?  And as if that weren’t enough, he turns into a wild animal?  We’ve all seen National Geographic, it’s not pretty, hunting, eating raw meat, living outside…  I mean if his nails grew like talons, can you imagine how dirty they would be?  I thought when I began writing this book that he would be a monster.  I thought he’d be the ‘bad guy’, the antagonist of the story.  But what I’m finding is that he is much more complex than I first thought, and he’s not all bad after all.

I am becoming increasingly interested in him and intrigued to discover what he will do next.  He surprises me frequently?    I am also finding that my compassion for him is growing.   Take for example, the Hanging Gardens he built, the second wonder of the world.  (I am aware that there is no clear consensus that the Gardens even existed, but if they are asking 10-year-old kids to list it as one of the 7 wonders, I’m going with it!)  As the story goes he built them for his wife Amythis, who was from Media, in the mountains.  She not only missed green but the hills as well.  Now there is also no reason to think anything other than their marriage was arranged purely for the political alliance that it formed, and yet for King to extend the energy, man power, great expense, and creativity to create one of the 7 wonders of the world for her?  Can only mean one thing to me, he loved her and wanted to please her.  But as King, he didn’t ‘need’ to please her.  He could have just as easily told her to deal with her homesickness, or ignored it all together, she was there to serve him and as be the bridge between two nations that could just as easily go to war as be ‘family’.  But he choose to go soooo far out of his way to please her, that he created an 80 foot high terraced ‘mountain’ complete with every plant, flower, fruit, and tree he could get his hands on, and create a ‘yet to be determined’ ingenuitive form of irrigation somehow pulling water from the Euphrates River up to water it all?

I can only come to one conclusion about that,… what a sweet guy! 🙂  He must have loved his wife deeply to go to such great lengths to please her. So he clearly isn’t a completely cruel, evil, tyrant… at least not as far as it relates to her.

I can’t help but be reminded of one of my favorite stories, Beauty and the Beast as I delve deeper into the story sharing the way he sees the world, from his perspective.  Sure, there are some horrible things he does, but he’s clearly not all ‘bad’.  I love how God makes all of us so simple and yet so complex at the same time.  None on us fit into simple boxes, and none of us are all ‘anything’.  There are elements to all of us that can continue to amaze and astound those around us, especially when we look at each other with open eyes, and don’t try to cram each other into boxes.  I love the freedom I have to love him for who he is, the good, bad, and down right crazy.  And I find that I am really starting to root for him.  Root for the bad guy, what?  Yea, I am? 🙂

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