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One of my favorite things about reading is that I get to use my imagination to see the characters, places, and events that happen in a story. One of the main things to help me decide if I am interested in reading a story is if I can visualize some part of it. Perhaps it is set in a place I’ve always loved, or I am curious to visit? Perhaps the main character has curly hair, like me, so I already feel a connection,… you get the idea.

As a writer, using pinterest helps me to compile pics of different people, places, things, and animals which I then combine to create the characters, scenes, and props in the story. Plus, before I started using Scrivener, it was a very fast way to go back and double-check if the horse is supposed to white, roan, or dapple 75 pages later! Now that I am using Scrivener, I simply pull the best from pinterest into my chapters.

So without further ado – welcome to the pinterest page for King.

I have boards like;

  • Music to inspire – featuring music from that time played with traditional instruments, nice to listen to while writing or reading
  • Characters – a collection of pics used to create each character
  • Connection to Now – there are many connections between ancient Babylon and now (Bagdad, ISIS, current events etc,..)
  • Neighborhood Finds – Scenes from around the palace, Ishtar Gate, Hanging Gardens etc,..
  • My Style – snippets of accessories and fashion for different characters
  • Favorite Places and Spaces – pics combined to create fictional locations in the book
  • Everyday Things – collection of artifacts that would have been used during the story
  • Books to read – other great books that inspire my writing

Explore, enjoy and happy pinning 😉

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It just keeps getting better,…

1st – There was the moment the idea to write the book came to me – wow 🙂

2nd – I began doing research and was amazed at how much information there is. I found myself getting lost in the history and culture of Babylon circa 550ish BC. Plus it was a great ‘excuse’ to go to NY to explore The Metropolitan Museum of Art and see everything in living color with my little sister 🙂

3rd – Then I began writing. There is nothing else like it – hours would go by in a blink. I’ve never had my own personal movie play in my head before like this. That’s how the writing has been, I ‘see’ it in my head and just write when I see and hear. LOVE

4th – Editing begins and I realize it’s like making a house a home. That unique experience of balancing form, function, and style – of creating an entire world within a world. I adore editing!

5th – Then there was pinterest! Just imagine how awesome it is when creating a book? Now everyone else can get a sneak peek into what I’m ‘seeing’ in my head!  For example this is part of what Chaka, Daniel’s horse, looks like. Oh how I love pinterest for the book – follow it HERE!

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