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Point of View

It started with realizing this was how I was approaching my revision


So, I went back to the drawing board and re-evaluated the basics


Which looks more like this in my brain


While this is helpful for many, it is not for me!

Then it dawned on me that perhaps I need a new point of view ON point of view.

So, I did this


And it hit me.

No charts, procedures, or complicated formulas.

Writing is simply a strange blend of getting out of myself and letting the story grow and be naturally while also being very much aware of myself as I’m weaving each thread of the story with the others. It is like painting, except with words instead of color.

For me writing is simultaneously losing and finding myself. Much like the kingdom actually 🙂


Who wudda thought a schedule would be good?

God put me on a schedule a few weeks ago, a real bona-fide schedule, like I haven’t had since college?  8 – 11 weekdays, I write.  And he is blessing it big time!

Never knew how much a schedule could help?  I had already been doing the three hours, but now that I have the actual hours specified they actually happen, (for the most part ;)) whereas before they would often get lost in the million other demands placed on each of us every day.  And I’d always intend to get back to it, but inevitably many days, it wouldn’t happen.  Now the phone is on silent, notifications are turned off, and I write.  I may stare off at clouds and have to reel my thoughts in a dozen times, but so far it’s still pouring out, and I love it!

I love it so much that come Monday morning I am missing Daniel and King, among other characters, yet to be introduced 🙂  I couldn’t wait to write this morning, it changes everything when you get so deep into the story that you miss your beloved characters after a couple days off.

Who wudda thought a schedule would be so fruitful?

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