About the series

A stirring tale based on a king who lost his mind and lived like a wild animal, from the perspective of the one losing it, and from those that know and love him.

King – the series, is about facing your deepest fears, the collision of good and evil, and the power of the supernatural realm.

It is a thrilling adventure, where the hunters of truth become the hunted and you never know what is going to happen next….

Come join the adventure as it unfolds!

Update – 5/25/2014 Working on a proposal for book one (working title Bound) to send to an agent.

Update 4/21/2013 Those 159,000 words have become a series. Book one is expected to be released this summer

Update – 2/2/2012 The book is finished!!! Now,.. to edit 159,000 words 🙂

  1. So looking forward to reading your book Gretc!! We love you so much!! Love, Aunt Lissa & Uncle Jim.


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